Are you a role model in office, then choose online chat

After crossing an age of 40, it is quite natural that you would be in a big position in one of the organizations in the industry in which you have chosen to work and earn your livelihood. Since, you could not ignore your job and also want everyone in office to respect it is time for you to be smart in every move you make. The staff that is working under you would all know you and hence one wrong step that you take would lead to lot many rumors and gossips in office. Once you are in rumors people would start ignoring your instructions.

Changing the company would work for once. If you do not control your emotions and do not stop proposing for dating to your subordinates or to your colleagues there are chances that you be ignored everywhere you go. Hence, it is time for you to be on the  chat  network that is keeping busy several people like you. When you cross the age of 40, it does not mean the young heart in you should die. You could keep it perfectly alive but make sure that you are not noticed by anyone in your office.
You could be very social in the chat window. None would deny that. You could even install the apps or else choose the website version on which you could chat as much as you are alone in your own cubic. Again, do not forget to close the window or to logout so that you are not seen to be too much involved in chats. Also, this online chat would give you the flexibility to be away from it when you are busy without disturbing you when in middle of important meetings that are related to the project.