Brentwood Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet fibers trap dirt and soil. Unless thoroughly cleaned regularly they can release an adverse effect on your health. They are of various types and you should learn how to clean an assortment of types based on the nature of your carpet fibers.

Brentwood Carpet cleaning services provide you an opportunity to keep the carpets clean and in such a way that helps remove allergens as well as soiling from your fibers. If you are in doubt about the methods to be applied, it is advisable to consult a professional cleaning company. Here are 7 common methods of carpet cleaning:

  1. Shampooing: This method is simple and most importantly does not involve the use of water. The shampooing is done by a process of compressing the carpet fibers to make foam. Then the foam is cleaned by the use of a floor machine. Even a vacuum cleaner is used to clean the dirt. This method enables easy removal of dirt but the carpet does not dry thereby allowing the growth of mold.
  2. Dry extraction method: It is a dry process and the most effective method for the application of detergent in the carpet. The foam solvent is worked into the carpet using the industry’s special equipment. Then it dries by vacuuming the solvent out of the dry carpet. Though it is a dry process there is a risk of the carpet shrinking. In some cases, the carpet can be left to dry for several days.
  3. Dry cleaning method: This method is the most inexpensive of all methods.
  4. Bonnet cleaning method: This method uses a buffing machine with a mixture of water, detergent, and a neutralizing agent. It is a relatively new process and is being widely used. However, it leaves chemical residue on the carpet.
  5. Foam shampoo extraction method: This method is the most popular method of dry cleaning. It is a more moderate method and is good for regular carpets. To make the solution more effective for the removal of dirt, a few passes over the carpet with the buffer are used. After the foam dries the soil and dirt are removed from the carpet.
  6. Hot water extraction method: This is a more detailed and effective method. It is widely used in industries and commercial areas. This method is very effective for cleaning carpets. To make the solution more effective more passes over the carpet are done using the buffer in the same way as in the dry extraction method.
  7. Steam carpet cleaning method: This method is furthermore effective than any other method. Though it is more expensive it is best for the cleaning needs of high traffic areas. Thus it ensures longer life of the carpet. To make the carpet dry more quickly you can use dehumidifiers in the rooms.